RAW support in Dehancer

Dehancer is not limited to JPEG post-processing. Complete and up to date RAW support (including iPhone DNG) is provided by Mac OS and fine tuned by Dehancer team to provide better starting point in terms of technical quality and aesthetic benefits such as full tonal range from shadows to highlights, better color separation and details.

So you can use RAW flexibility to get most from your shots. Detailed and realistic film simulation works with any photo as a correction filter (preset) applied in one click and can be modified by user.

​Astrum Color Negative 125 multi-LUT film profile (filter)

​Astrum Color Negative 125

“Astrum” is а new brand-name of ex-“Svema” team, soviet film factory in Shostka city (today – Ukraine territory) which was making film in 1931-2004. New company does not produce photographic emulsion but sells repackaged expired film of different manufacturers.

We don’t know for sure what kind of film is rolled inside Astrum Color Negative 125 canisters. Judging by some indirect and visual signs, this is most likely an exiped Kodak Aerocolor 2444, which is also re-rolled by other manufacturers (Rollei CN200 and Washi X400 for example).

This technical film for aerial photography is loved by many photographers for its pleasant tones.

© Photo by Pavel Kosenko