Dehancer OFX plugins 3.2.0

  • New Film Resolution parameter in Dehancer Grain tool
  • Minor improvements

Optical resolution of any film depends not only on the grain size but also on many other characteristics – coating type, film base thickness, etc. 

Resolution parameter set to 100 keeps the initial level of detail of the source media. 

Lowering Resolution results in gradual loss of detail, while the image becomes more blurred. 

Resolution set to 50 matches the visual sharpness in the previous versions of Dehancer. 

Since the tiniest detail on film couldn’t be smaller than the grain size, it’s recommended to always lower the Resolution parameter a bit, according to the current grain Size and Amount settings. 

Please, don’t worry about your current projects, this update doesn’t affect existing settings.

Download new version:

This is a free upgrade for Dehancer Pro, Dehancer Lite and Dehancer Grain license owners.

Dehancer OFX plugins 3.0

Dehancer 3.0 Halation

* Fully updated Halation tools with dramatically improved algorithm, including Hue adjustment
* Hue and Saturation adjustments added in Bloom tool
* New defaults for Bloom and Halation tools
* Wider Amplify range in Bloom tool for more delicate adjustment
* Defringe tool improvements (formerly CA Reduction, now located in Input section)
* Lut Generator bug fixed
* CMY Color Head tool for substractive color correction added
* Performance has been dramatically improved, the plugins now work 2-3 times as fast

Version 3.0 comes in a separate installation, doesn’t replace old versions and may be used independently (Activated License is shared with all previous versions). You can download Dehancer 3.0 OFX plugins for free and without registration from our website. This is a free upgrade for license owners.