Dehancer is a film-like app and video plugin for color grading with 3D Lut profiles. Dozens of real photographic and motion picture films are precisely captured and packed in a simple to use and effective plugin with truly analogue controls simulating real film behaviour.

Based on 30-years of shooting film and darkroom experience combined with scientific approach, nonlinear image processing, and… a bit of alchemy, of course.

Today we have two software implementations available for end-users:

Dehancer Film OFX Plugin for DaVinci Resolve
Dehancer Desktop fo Mac OS (pre-alpha)

Dehancer Film OFX-plugin key features:

  • over 45 next generation quality film profiles
  • full range of current Kodak Vision 3 negative movie films
  • all profiles are built around sampling the real analogue media, combined with non-linear image processing
  • film targets are printed optically from negatives to print media to ensure that they are correctly interpreted in terms of color and contrast
  • there are 3 target samples made for each film: underexposed –2 Ev, normal exposure and overexposed +2 Ev. So in fact each multi-LUT consists of 3 separate LUT-profiles, smoothly adjustable between the extreme values
  • not only films are sampled but many other analogue photographic processes as well – like Ambrotype, Prokudin-Gorsky color separation technique etc.
  • basic set of conversion profiles for movie cameras, including Arri Alexa
  • Exposure, Contrast and Analogue Range Limiter tools are based upon the real optically printed media samples, so these tools do behave like real analogue media does
  • brand new Color Density tool emulates analogue media saturation
  • unique Expand tool to control black and white points independently
  • False Color mode option added for visual grading quality control
  • one-click Update of camera and film profiles within the plugin

We create film profiles in our own full-cycle analogue lab, including film development with ECN-2 process and manual color optical printing in the darkroom. Color data is interpreted using proprietary engineering software based on mathematical methods never used before in film and photo industries.

Dehancer development has been in progress since 2015, leaded by Pavel Kosenko – color scientist, famous photographer, author of books and, finally, founder of the largest film laboratory on the territory of ex-USSR – SREDA Film Lab.

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