Braun Buffel – Wunder Wander / Director’s Cut

Graded with Dehancer Pro OFX plugin

Graded with Dehancer Pro OFX plugin

Client: Braun Buffel
Chief Creative Officer: Szu Lee
Creative Lead: Andrew Teo & Jesmin Chuah

Producer: Wai Kin
Copywriter: Joseph Lu
Production House: Playhouse Pictures
EP: Amar Fhairuz
Producer: Azharie Mohd Hata

Director: Asua Han
Cinematographer: Sam Koay
AD: Azhan Sulaiman

Post: VHQ Malaysia
Editor: Soo Hoo & Asua Han
Online: Asua Han & Soheil Asghari
Sound Mix/ Design: Asua Han
KOL: Brian See, Ashley Lau, Fabio Panzeri & Isadora Chai

Colorist: Nikolay Smirnov
Color graded with Dehancer Pro OFX plugin

Dehancer in DaVinci Resolve: node sequence

Последовательность нод при работе с Dehancer в DaVinci Resolve

Dehancer Pro is a full-featured plugin which in some cases may be used as a single and complete tool for grading.

As far as new features are constantly appearing, our plugin often allows to eliminate redundant effect nodes and make basic processing within the single Dehancer node.

While using additional nodes, we recommend placing them in a specific order.

This helps avoiding unnecessary or improper color transformations and achieving maximum image quality as well as maintaining a flexible and versatile pipeline.

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