LIFELIKE: A book on color in digital photography

LIFELIKE: A book on color in digital photography

“LIFELIKE: A book on color in digital photography” was written by a color photographer who, in his daily work, has to use the knowledge of color in art and the possibilities of modern image processing techniques. First published in 2013 in Russian, the book was a big hit and to this day remains the best-seller on the topic. Following its success, in 2015 it was also published in English by LLC Treemedia Content. For the first time ever we will be publishing this book for free on our blog. Chapter by chapter.

Pavel Kosenko, the author of “LIFELIKE”, apart from being a photographer with 35 years of experience, a colorist and a co-founder of SREDA Film Lab (the largest film laboratory across CIS countries), is a creator of Dehancer. His extensive expertise in film photography and passion for colors played an ultimate role in the development of our plugin.

Published back in 2013, “LIFELIKE: A book on color in digital photography” was initially addressed to the photographers. However, everything related to the color theory and aesthetic discussions (i.e. the biggest part of this book) will be useful for everyone dealing with color: photographers, videographers, colorists, directors, artists, designers, etc.

The book will be published as it was written in 2013 and translated into English in 2015.

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ISBN 978-5-903788-39-2

© Pavel Kosenko, 2013, Moscow, Russia
© Translation by Ksenia Prasolova, 2015, Kaliningrad, Russia
© Treemedia Content, 2015, Helsinki, Finland
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