Dehancer Beta Testing

Mac OS

Dehancer Pro 4.1.0 Beta for Mac OS


Attention all Windows users:
You need to reactivate the plugin after this update.

Dehancer Pro 4.1.0 Beta for Mac OS


Currently Linux versions only for Ubuntu 20.04.

You must first install the sqlite3 library using the following command in the terminal:

sudo apt install libsqlite3-0

Dehancer Pro 4.0.0 Beta 9 for Linux


What’s new in Dehancer 4.0.0

Biggest changes:

  • Completely new kernels with Windows and Linux support.
  • Halation has a fundamentally new algorithm. You can see more details in this video.
  • Bloom returns to its previous algorithm that proved to be better, and plus some additional improvements.
  • Grain – minor improvements, including the Film Resolution parameter.


What’s new in Dehancer 4.1.0

  • Fixed issues with Windows accounts containing non-latin characters.
  • Fixed hardware uid activation error.
  • Memory optimizations.


How to install previus versions

You can download and install any previus version here:


How to get a license

You can get 2-week Promo license on our website

You can also buy a license on our website now. The licenses are universal and suitable for all operating systems.