Dehancer OFX 6.0.0 vs 5.3.3 – color engine updated

In the new version of Dehancer OFX 6.0.0 we have managed to improve the mathematical model of film and print profiles. Color separation is now better, gradations are smoother.

The difference may seem barely noticeable, but the new version does not provide a completely identical image with the same settings. Therefore, following a clever practice, we released this update as a new major version of the plugin – 6.0.0.

Dehancer OFX 6.0.0 is installed and activated as a separate, fully independent plugin. Thus, your projects, which are using previous versions of Dehancer, won’t be affected by this update.

We can demonstrate the differences between versions 5.3.3 and 6.0.0 with the following example.

Dehancer OFX
Dehancer OFX 5.3.3

Dehancer OFX
Dehancer OFX 6.0.0

By clicking on the images, you can download full-size files and make comparisons, easily switching them in your favourite viewer or editor app.

You can also download and install both versions of the plugin and compare the results by yourself in DaVinci Resolve. You can download the latest version of the plugin at, and an archive of previous versions is available here:

Dehancer OFX

What’s different in the new version:

  1. The color separation has improved. This can be seen in the skin tone – more nuances are noticeable, though at first glance it may seem that the face has become cooler. In fact, the excessive warmth is gone, and the skin looks less monotone.
  2. As a result, the image appears more three-dimensional.
  3. For the same reason, the color contrast has improved. Note that in the new version, the difference between the cool background and the warm skin tones has become more apparent.
  4. The tonal transitions in the shadows and highlights became a bit softer.

On the one hand, similar improvements can be obtained by a minor correction with the conventional DaVinci Resolve tools. However, we are talking here about the primary color definition, which gives you more opportunities in further processing.

Feel free to download and experiment – older versions of the plugin will not be overwritten, and the colors in your projects will not be affected.


This is a free update for Dehancer License owners. The new version requires activation with a separate License Key. You can use the second Seat or deactivate one of the already installed plugins.

Dehancer OFX 6.0.0 is installed and activated as a separate, fully independent plugin. Thus, your projects, which are using previous versions of Dehancer, won’t be affected.

This version requires activation with a separate License Key. You can use the second Seat or deactivate one of the already installed plugins.

This is a free upgrade for all Dehancer license owners.

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