Dehancer 1.1.0 for Adobe Premiere and After Effects for Windows

What’s new? 

⁃ Film stock and print media profiles math improved (similar to the OFX plugin)

 ⁃ Profile Fetcher issues fixed

 ⁃ Minor fixes

This is a free update for all Dehancer users.

Download and get a FREE 2 week trial on the website. 

We are working hard on brining the Pr/Ae plugin to the MacOs, please stay tuned.

Download plugin:

Meet Dehancer for Final Cut Pro!

The most anticipated release of the past two years is finally out! It took us a bit longer than we expected, but trust us, it’s so worth it. Let your inner artist experiment with 60+ film profiles, Halation, Bloom, Grain and other analog tools. Create unique film looks and forget the rules. 

To download and get 2-week FREE trial tap the link:

Dehancer 2.2.0 is finally here with even better colors!

We improved the math model to provide you with better skin tones, better color contrast and tonal transitions. Along with other updates and fixes.


∙ Levels (aka Histogram) visualisation

∙ Color engine updated (better color separation, smoother gradations)

∙ ‘Login and select License’ option in Activation widget

∙ Settings Updated


∙ macOS Mojave support

∙ Kodak 2383 print film now working as intended

∙ Plugin settings in Smart Objects and Actions are now saved and read correctly

This is a free update for the license owners.

Download and get 2-week FREE trial.

Tap the link: