Dehancer Film 2.3.0 Beta for Adobe Photoshop / Lightroom Classic (macOs, Windows)


What’s new in Dehancer Film 2.3.0 Beta?

  • Print Toning in CMY Color Head
  • Film Compression Tool
  • Presets redesigned
  • Built-in Factory Presets
  • Fixes and optimisations

1. Print Toning is widely used in photography and movie production to give a special character or atmosphere. As a natural evolution of the CMY Color Head tool, it’s based on split printing through color filters, where you can control the color temperature separately within three equally quantised ranges – in shadows, midtones, and highlights.

2. Film Compression tool emulates the film-like compressed tonal range. It lets you adjust the redistribution of the highlights and make the resulting image more analogue and more flexible for further manipulation.

3. Presets design has changed and new categories are now available, where you will find multiple Presets created by Dehancer Team and influencers. Also, the Original state and the Last Edits have been added as ‘presets’ at the beginning of the list.

Mac OS

Dehancer Film Ps/Lr 2.3.0 Beta for Mac OS


Dehancer Film Ps/Lr 2.3.0 Beta for Windows

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