NEW Fujifilm Instax film profiles

Meet 2 new instant film profiles in Dehancer:

1. Fujifilm Instax
2. Fujifilm Instax (Digital Intermediate)

The first profile reproduces Instax colors naturally (by means of Dehancer unique film sampling technology).

The second profile represents Fujifilm Instax color in ‘hybrid‘ process, where the scanned print is additionally edited with black and white levels correction.

Just push ‘Update’ button in your Dehancer plugin.

Download plugins or buy license:

Dehancer 4.2.0 with Win64/AMD support and other improvements

What’s new?

  • OpenCL support for Windows / AMD
  • CUDA performance greatly optimised (20-30% faster now)
  • ACES Flase Colors bugfixes for macOS & Windows
  • Fixed Total Impact behavior in Gate Weave tool for macOS & Windows (now Impact reduces motion amplitude instead of ‘opacity’ in this tool)
  • Other bugfixes for macOS & Windows
  • Optimizations for macOS & Windows

This is a free upgrade for all Dehancer license owners.

If you are not Dehancer license owner yet, you can buy license on our website.