​Astrum Color Negative 125 multi-LUT film profile (filter)

​Astrum Color Negative 125

“Astrum” is а new brand-name of ex-“Svema” team, soviet film factory in Shostka city (today – Ukraine territory) which was making film in 1931-2004. New company does not produce photographic emulsion but sells repackaged expired film of different manufacturers.

We don’t know for sure what kind of film is rolled inside Astrum Color Negative 125 canisters. Judging by some indirect and visual signs, this is most likely an exiped Kodak Aerocolor 2444, which is also re-rolled by other manufacturers (Rollei CN200 and Washi X400 for example).

This technical film for aerial photography is loved by many photographers for its pleasant tones.

© Photo by Pavel Kosenko

Exposure matters

Estimation of negative density is an important part of profile building process. Unknown and expired film stock is always tricky to expose well. So we’re usually shooting this kind of film at a wide range of shutter-speeds and choose three frames afterwards for multi-LUT film profile building, having a perfect negative strip at hand.

Ilford XP2 Super 400 multi-LUT film profile (filter)

Ilford XP2 Super 400

New Dehancer multi-LUT profile. This realistic film simulation works with any photo as a correction filter (preset) applied in one click and can be modified by user.

In this case film profile is used as underexposured with Push +2 (“ISO, Index” parameter = 1600). That’s why according to the author’s idea you see a high contrast and dark shadows. Push/Pull processes allow to control contrast level and creatively used by film photographers. Now thanks to Dehancer Desktop application this feature is available for digital photographers too. As an imitation, but very similar.

Thanks Elena Grishina for photo.

Svema Type-42 (Exp. 1991) film profile (filter)

One more example with “Svema Type-42 (Exp. 1991)” multi-LUT profile. This realistic film simulation works with any photo as a correction filter (preset) applied in one click.

You can see famous “Bromportrait” (by Slavich Ltd) paper tone here. This paper is known for its noble warm tone, with different hues of bronze color in shadows, middles and highlights. It’s hard to reproduce this rich tone with digital tools.

Print targets for Dehancer profiles are printed from negative films in our own darkroom, and only after that we capture digital data from prints. Therefore our profiles reflect all what is seen on the print (including real paper tone).

Thanks Dmitry Tur for photo.