Dehancer 2.0 | Windows support for Ps/LrC/C1/Aph

Dehancer 2.0 is here and it includes long-awaited Windows version release for Ps/LrC/C1/APh!

1. Windows version official release!

  • Numerous fixes that our beta testers are sure to notice )
  • Select the appropriate GPU in Plugin Settings and try the OpenCL shared memory option if crashes persist.
  • In case of any issues or unexpected behaviour, please send reports to [email protected]

2. Various bugfixes, optimisations and improvements:

  • Internals fully reworked.
  • Performance increased, memory consumption reduced.
  • Interface enhanced and greatly optimised.
  • Keyboard issues fixed, added shortcuts.
  • EXIF data is now preserved if Dehancer is applied as an external editor with LrC and C1.
  • Added tooltips for several interface controls (сan be turned off in the plugin Settings)

3. Presets redesigned:

  • Individual tool checkboxes have been removed from the Save Preset dialog.
  • Added optional Author input field in the Save Preset dialog.
  • When exporting a preset, the preset name is automatically substituted as the file name.
  • Presets can now be sorted by name or by creation date (use the dedicated dropdown in the Presets panel).
  • Exported preset files now include previews. These thumbnails are now displayed properly after importing a preset.
  • Added an option to recall the settings from the last session and the dedicated ‘clock’ icon on the toolbar.

4. Keyboard shortcuts:

Space – Preview Before/After
Z – Undo
Shift+Z – Redo
R – reset tools to the defaults
L – recall tool settings from the last session
Q – Show/Hide Profiles
W – Show/Hide Presets
S – Show/Hide Settings
Enter – apply Dehancer / confirm dialogs
↑↓ – select Next/Previous preset or film profile
A – create new Preset with current settings
Backspace – delete selected preset

This is a free update for the license owners.

Download and get 2-week FREE trial:

2 thoughts on “Dehancer 2.0 | Windows support for Ps/LrC/C1/Aph

  1. I don’t know if it’s just me or anyone else but I encountered this error (image link incl. below).
    Is there anyway that to hotfix this bug? I’m using GTX1060 3GB.



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