Meet our new free app Dehancer Color Test! 

How many colors can you see? Find out now! Dehancer Color Test is a color perception study by Dehancer team. Repeating this test helps you train your vision and improve your results. Learn to see more color nuances with our app. 

This experimental tool helps you determine how many colours you perceive under different colour target display conditions.

The test results include two values:

1. The number of colors you can perceive

It is an index of color perception involving short-term memory.

In simpler terms, it represents the ability of aesthetic perception under momentary examination. The result depends on the visual experience and your demand for colour nuance. You can take this test regularly to improve your perceptual vision.

2. The current effectiveness of your perception relative to your theoretical potential

With some reservations, the potential represents the limit of your physiological ability, as measured at the level of the sensory visual system. Sensory vision is also trainable, but to a lesser extent.

Perception depends on lighting conditions, physical and emotional state, and effort. Also, the results may vary over time and as your visual experience improves.

The testing method is part of a live experiment, so we admit measurement inaccuracies.

The statistics we collect do not contain personal data and are stored in anonymized form.

This app is not intended for medical diagnosis. Any result is normal and reflects your personal demand for nuanced color perception.

Dehancer’s mission is to preserve the aesthetic heritage by means of digital tools for color correction and lifelike emulation of analog processes and effects.

Download the app:

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