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Even though this is not a complete group photo of our team because it’s spread all over the world with some members being at the moment in Moscow, Madrid, Sydney, Sochi or Kemerovo (just to name a few), we are all connected by the passion for photography, cinematography and colors.

January 6, 2021

Ambrotype by Anatole Green

LIFELIKE: A book on color in digital photography

Lifelike Color: a book on colors in digital photography

“LIFELIKE: A book on color in digital photography” was written by the CEO of Dehancer – Pavel Kosenko, who, in his daily work, has to use the knowledge of color in art and the possibilities of modern image processing techniques. First published in 2013 in Russian, the book was a big hit and to this day remains the best-seller on the topic. Following its success, in 2015 it was also published in English by LLC Treemedia Content. For the first time ever we will be publishing this book for free on our blog. Chapter by chapter.

Read the book

Dehancer – partner of the Colorist Awards

Dehancer is pleased to announce its partnership with the Independent Colourist Guild (ICG) for one-of-a-kind project – The Colorist Awards. The award ceremony dedicated to the professional colorists and their contribution in the creation of movies, photographies and other types of creative content, which had been neglected for quite a while.

Dehancer team is proud to be a part of the world’s first colorists award, especially because we believe in the power of color and its ultimate role in the perception and success of artistic works. No doubts our users share this belief and have some outstanding works to show at The Colorist Awards.

Submission closes on December 31, 2020 so make sure you are all set beforehand. For more information head over to

Dehancer OFX plugins 3.0

Dehancer 3.0 Halation

* Fully updated Halation tools with dramatically improved algorithm, including Hue adjustment
* Hue and Saturation adjustments added in Bloom tool
* New defaults for Bloom and Halation tools
* Wider Amplify range in Bloom tool for more delicate adjustment
* Defringe tool improvements (formerly CA Reduction, now located in Input section)
* Lut Generator bug fixed
* CMY Color Head tool for substractive color correction added
* Performance has been dramatically improved, the plugins now work 2-3 times as fast

Version 3.0 comes in a separate installation, doesn’t replace old versions and may be used independently (Activated License is shared with all previous versions). You can download Dehancer 3.0 OFX plugins for free and without registration from our website. This is a free upgrade for license owners.


Dehancer Chat

Dehancer Chat

​We’ve created the Telegram chat Dehancer Video EN for english-speaking Dehancer users, and we are glad to invite you here.

We’ll post news, updates and betas of new features. Please feel free to ask questions, share your wishes and other useful information to discuss eye-to-eye with developers team.

Colorists who are using Dehancer OFX are welcome here to communicate, consult with each other and showcase their works.


P.S. Также приглашаем русскоязычных колористов в чат пользователей Dehancer на русском языке:

Добро пожаловать!