Get False Colors plugin for FREE!

Beyond the visible and creative. That’s how we would describe Dehancer False Colors plugin for DaVinci Resolve that you can get for FREE!

Here’s why False Colors is a cool tool:

•Great instrument for technical image control;
•Emphasises some details that otherwise aren’t visible to a human eye;
•Can help to examine and adjust the exposure;
•Especially useful in filmmaking;
•Reveals invisible patterns;
•Useful for adjusting skin tone exposure.

To download the plugin, go to our website to the “Download & Buy” section.

Already included in Dehancer Pro toolset.

More than 5000 installations worldwide

5000 and counting!

Dehancer has achieved yet another milestone: 5000 installations worldwide. Mind-blowing. Users in USA, Russia, Japan, Australia, China and 60 more countries are using our plugin to bring their creative ideas to life.

Thank you all for being a part of Dehancer squad! Don’t forget to share your works with us on Instagram by tagging

Dehancer 4 for Windows & macOS

Windows release is officially here.

  • New engine runs on Apple Metal and Nvidia CUDA (AMD support will be provided later)
  • Halation and Bloom are totally redesigned for more realistic effect and allow better control and additional settings
  • False Colors output filter for visual quality control is released as a separate FREE plugin

You can download updated plugins at

Previously purchased licenses are valid for activation on Windows.

NOTE. Dehancer v3 and v4 installations don’t share the same activation key. Please deactivate v3 prior to using the key with v4. Also you may activate v4 with the second seat activation key if you need to use both versions.


New film profile in Dehancer – Fujifilm Neopan Acros 100

Meet our new BW film profile – Fujifilm Neopan Acros 100!

Fujifilm Neopan Acros 100 is a highly appreciated BW film with the distinct character. Artistic yet versatile, it provides wide dynamic range, 3-dimensional feel and delicate tones.

To get this new film profile, click the Update button within your Dehancer Pro, Lite or Photo Edition plugin. You can download Dehancer plugins for DaVinci Resolve on our website.