New blog post: “Brief history of Dehancer”

Who could have thought that the way Dehancer is today, started with a comic Photoshop Action created. It took 6 years, a lot of research and a team of people driven by the same idea for Dehancer to see the light of day.

Lately we’ve been asked a lot about the story behind Dehancer. So we thought that our CEO, Pavel Kosenko, would be the best story teller.

Read his full article on our blog:

NEW Fujifilm Instax film profiles

Meet 2 new instant film profiles in Dehancer:

1. Fujifilm Instax
2. Fujifilm Instax (Digital Intermediate)

The first profile reproduces Instax colors naturally (by means of Dehancer unique film sampling technology).

The second profile represents Fujifilm Instax color in ‘hybrid‘ process, where the scanned print is additionally edited with black and white levels correction.

Just push ‘Update’ button in your Dehancer plugin.

Download plugins or buy license:

Dehancer 4.2.0 with Win64/AMD support and other improvements

What’s new?

  • OpenCL support for Windows / AMD
  • CUDA performance greatly optimised (20-30% faster now)
  • ACES Flase Colors bugfixes for macOS & Windows
  • Fixed Total Impact behavior in Gate Weave tool for macOS & Windows (now Impact reduces motion amplitude instead of ‘opacity’ in this tool)
  • Other bugfixes for macOS & Windows
  • Optimizations for macOS & Windows

This is a free upgrade for all Dehancer license owners.

If you are not Dehancer license owner yet, you can buy license on our website.

New blog post: “How to manage image contrast and avoid clipping”

Cold and hot, light and dark, sweet and bitter – are some of the fundamental contrasts in our life. And it’s our job to adjust them and somehow find the balance to avoid feeling overwhelmed and miss out on the details. Same in the photography or filmmaking. With the only difference – we call it shadows and highlights clipping.

Dehancer was designed to gently treat an image and has a set of tools that can help you soften and make it more harmonious. However, there’re cases when it becomes more challenging.

To learn more read our latest blog article “How to manage image contrast and avoid clipping”.

Get False Colors plugin for FREE!

Beyond the visible and creative. That’s how we would describe Dehancer False Colors plugin for DaVinci Resolve that you can get for FREE!

Here’s why False Colors is a cool tool:

•Great instrument for technical image control;
•Emphasises some details that otherwise aren’t visible to a human eye;
•Can help to examine and adjust the exposure;
•Especially useful in filmmaking;
•Reveals invisible patterns;
•Useful for adjusting skin tone exposure.

To download the plugin, go to our website to the “Download & Buy” section.

Already included in Dehancer Pro toolset.

More than 5000 installations worldwide

5000 and counting!

Dehancer has achieved yet another milestone: 5000 installations worldwide. Mind-blowing. Users in USA, Russia, Japan, Australia, China and 60 more countries are using our plugin to bring their creative ideas to life.

Thank you all for being a part of Dehancer squad! Don’t forget to share your works with us on Instagram by tagging