​Kodak Vision3 50D

Kodak Vision3 50D film profile added. This is classic “western-style” motion picture film was created specifically for shooting in bright sunlight.

Now all kinds of modern negative motion films are presented in the Dehancer Film OFX plugin for Davinci Resolve and Dehancer Desktop pre-alpha application:


Kodak Vision3 50D
Kodak Vision3 250D
Kodak Vision3 200T
Kodak Vision3 500T

Black and White

Kodak Eastman Double-X 5222

Please check updates in your Dehancer Film OFX plugin (Dehancer Desktop will update automatically).


Dehancer Film OFX plugin (0.6.11)

Dehancer Film OFX Plugin

We have released a completely new beta version of the Dehancer Film OFX plugin (0.6.11). Significantly improved and corrected.

* Added choice of camera profiles or other input format.
* Added Arri Alexa Mini camera profile. Based on the original manufacturer’s LUT, improved by us.
* The Exposure (Ev) tool has been completely redesigned — now it is a real analogue function of the print media (print film or print), measured in instrumental terms.
* Tonal Contrast has been completely redesigned, and now it is also an analogue function that simulates the contrast of the print media.
* New Color Density tool that simulates analogue media saturation. You can conditionally describe the tool as “delicate saturation without neutral shift” (works both in plus and minus).
* The new Analogue Range Limiter compresses the image to the dynamic media range. The tool fully repeats the real tool measurements.
* Added new profile — Kodak Ektar 25 film (Exp. 1991).
* Several slide film profiles were updated (they were too green).
* From the list of profiles temporarily removed profiles that we do not like and which we plan to rebuild (about 10 films) — now there are no “extra” profiles in the list.

Dehancer Film interface

You can download and install the plugin here:


After installation, don’t forget to click the Check Updates button to download all current profiles.

If you have used previous versions of the plugin, we recommend you to remove the old settings of the plugin in your Davinci Resolve, as they may conflict with the new ones (you can find the instructions in the link above). At the same time, you can try not to do this, because the new plugin is installed separately without removing the old one.

Promo-licenses from the old plugin are not suitable for the new one. To get a new free license for 1 month, please, send us request to [email protected].