Film Compression — new Dehancer tool

Great news for all Dehancer users!

The long-awaited update now covers most products and contains new tools and improvements:

  • Film Compression tool
  • Print Toning in Color Head tool
  • Histogram and Clipping Indication (iOS)
  • Exposure Clipping in Monitor tool (Dehancer OFX 6.2.0, Dehancer 1.1.0 for Final Cut Pro)
  • Presets redesigned (Dehancer 2.3.0 for Ps/LrC/C1/APh)
  • Built-in Factory Presets (Dehancer 2.3.0 for Ps/LrC/C1/APh)
  • Multiple fixes and optimisations

Film Compression tool emulates the film-like compressed tonal range. It lets you adjust the redistribution of the highlights. The resulting image looks more analogue and becomes more flexible for further manipulation with exposure, contrast, film/print profiles, etc.

Read the article about Film Compression tool

Print Toning is widely used in photography and movie production to give a special character or atmosphere. As a natural evolution of the CMY Color Head tool, it’s based on split printing through color filters, where you can control the color temperature separately within three equally quantised ranges – in shadows, midtones, and highlights.

Monitor tool (formerly False Colors) in OFX and FCP plugins now includes Clipping Indication which allows you to perfectly visualise critically underexposed and overexposed areas.

This is a free update for the license owners.
Download and get 2-week FREE trial:
Download updated Dehancer

* Dehancer plugin for Ae/Pr (Windows and Mac) is in BETA stage and will be updated soon.

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