Bloom: what it is and how it works


Film color simulation in digital image processing is usually discussed in the context of film profiles or other color transformations. Also, sometimes we’re talking about grain and how it can be superimposed.

In fact, color on itself is necessary but not enough to obtain a so-called ‘warm film look’ because film image is also distinguished by other properties of physical nature.

Some of them are particularly important. The most significant are grain, bloom, halation and highlights compression.

Grain is already discussed in detail in this article, but today we will talk about the Bloom effect and the corresponding tool in Dehancer Film plugin.

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​50 film profiles

​50 film profiles

We have built and added several new film profiles, bringing the total number to 50.

New film profiles added last week:

* Agfa Agfacolor XRS 200 (Exp. 1991)
* Fuji Reala 500D (Exp. 2013)
* Lomography Metropolis XR 100-400
* Lomography Purple XR 100-400

Please Chek Updates in your Dehancer Film OFX plugin for Davinci Resolve.

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