Beta Testing of Dehancer 4.0 for Mac OS, Windows and Linux

This article provides detailed information on how to beta-test Dehancer 4.0, a new group of plugins supporting Windows, Mac OS and Linux operating systems.


Currently, you can download and test the following plugins:

  • Dehancer Pro (coming soon!)
  • Dehancer Lite (coming soon!)
  • Dehancer Grain
  • Dehancer Bloom
  • Dehancer Halation
  • Dehancer False Color
  • Dehancer Photo Edition (coming soon!)

Mac OS

Both Intel & Apple Silicon M1 processors supported.

Win 64

System requirements for Windows: Cuda, for Full HD video at least 4 Gb GPU, for 4K video at least 8 Gb GPU.


Currently Linux versions have been tested for Ubuntu 20.20. Tests for Centos 8/7 are also welcome.


If you are using Dehancer Grain, Dehancer Bloom or Dehancer Halation plugins, we recommend that you adhere to the following node structure for their correct operation:

How to use separate Bloom, Halation and Grain plugins in node sequence

What’s new?

Biggest changes:

  • Completely new kernels with Windows and Linux support.
  • Halation has a fundamentally new algorithm. You can see more details in this video.
  • Bloom returns to its previous algorithm that proved to be better, and plus some additional improvements.
  • Grain – minor improvements, including the Film Resolution parameter.

Changes in the current beta version of Dehancer 4.0.0 Beta 4:

  • Added support for Multi-GPU.
  • Optimizations when working with memory.

How to get a license

To get a temporary licenses for the 4.0.0 beta version of the “small” Dehancer plugins, please contact us at [email protected].

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