Dehancer 4.0 for Mac OS, Windows and Linux (Beta testing)

This article provides detailed information on how to beta-test Dehancer 4.0, a new group of plugins supporting Windows, Mac OS and Linux operating systems.


Mac OS

Both Intel & Apple Silicon M1 processors supported.

There are two separate distributives for Intel and for M1 provided with the installation package. Choose the right one.

Dehancer Pro 4.0.0 Release Candidate for Mac OS

Win 64

Please note system requirements and limitations:

1. Runs on Nvidia GPU (CUDA only)
2. Requires Windows 10 64 bit
3. Works with DaVinci Resolve 16 and later
4. Minimum GPU requires: FullHD – 4GB, 4K – 8GB, 6K – 12GB, 8K – 16Gb. Recommended GPU requirements – FullHD – 8GB, 4K – 12GB, 6K – 16GB, 8K – 24Gb.
5. Dehancer 4 is built upon the new cross-platform engine. Although we are making every effort to optimise the plugin for best performance, it will run noticeably slower than the Metal version for Mac.
6. This is a BETA software with possible bugs and limitations. Please don’t use it for critical work.

IMPORTANT! Please deactivate your licence before installation.

Activation resets after reboot

If your License Activation resets after Windows reboot:

  1. Download and install the latest version (in this post).
  2. Check if your Windows is genuine.

Dehancer Licensing System may interfere with software cracks residing in your system and won’t work with hacked Windows installation.

Please uninstall any previus version befor installation.

Dehancer Pro 4.0.0 Release Candidate for Windows


Currently Linux versions only for Ubuntu 20.04.

You must first install the sqlite3 library using the following command in the terminal:

sudo apt install libsqlite3-0

Dehancer Pro 4.0 Beta 9 for Linux


What’s new in Dehancer 4.0.0?

Biggest changes:

  • Completely new kernels with Windows and Linux support.
  • Halation has a fundamentally new algorithm. You can see more details in this video.
  • Bloom returns to its previous algorithm that proved to be better, and plus some additional improvements.
  • Grain – minor improvements, including the Film Resolution parameter.


How to get a license

We are welcome you to join a 2-week beta test for Dehancer 4.0 for MacOs, Windows and Linux.

To join: please register on our website, share this post in your Instagram stories and send us a screenshot to [email protected].

You can also buy a license on our website now, before the official release. The licenses are universal and suitable for all operating systems.


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